20th Century Historical Fiction Books I have read and some I want to :-)

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A couple of my readers have asked me if I could recommend some World War 2 historical fiction books as I am so slow at writing new ones. Ok so they weren’t that rude. They just said they would like something to read while they wait for my next one!

I am always happy to recommend books I have enjoyed. I don’t see myself as being in competition with another author in this genre. We already share two loves – love of this time period and the joy of writing books. I am certain we would have other things in common too.

But before I start raving about some amazing books I enjoyed, let me just say that sometimes I don’t like a book. I want to like it. Other people love it. It could be selling thousands of copies and be made into a film but I just don’t enjoy it. For whatever reason, I couldn’t relate. So if I don’t post a well known WW2 book here, it may be because I didn’t like it. I don’t like knocking other authors, not when I know how hard it is to read a bad review of our baby, oops I mean book.

One of my favorite authors of all time was Elizabeth Elgin (RIP). She was a real life WW2 heroine – she served in the WRNS (Navy for women :-)). She wrote an amazing series that covers WW1 right through to WW2. It is fantastic and well worth reading although it could have probably done with a little better editing. It is a little repetitive from book to book in places. Something you will see with “older” books. BUT it is still my number one.

The series name is the Suttons of Yorkshire. There are five books in total 🙂 I’ll Bring You Buttercups is the first one. The second is Daisychain Summer, Where Bluebells Chime comes next, Windflower Wedding and then The Linden Walk. Don’t be tempted to read them out of order as although each book tells a story, there is an underlying story that goes across all five books. Check them out for yourself on Amazon or in your local bookstores.

A new series (new to me although we share the same first name 🙂 ) is Ellie Dean Beach View Boarding House Series. I have just started reading the first one and I like it :-).

Jan 5th 2015 – one of my lovely readers, Moe, suggested I try Maureen Lee. I have looked her up on Amazon and she has a huge range of books so I am off to read them. I am sure I will enjoy them. Perhaps you will too. Thanks a million again to Moe for letting me know. I love finding new books to read.

I have also put my shelf from Goodreads.com (you can register free as a reader and find new books/authors/friends etc) onto this post. I have never done this before so hopefully it will look ok.

Ellie’s books

Finding Rebecca: A Novel of Love and the Holocaust
5 of 5 stars
I loved this story – yes you had to suspend belief in a few parts but that is what makes it fiction rather than non fiction. Wish Eoin Dempsey would write some more.



Gracie Now Free on Amazon

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been so long.  Life has been hectic (understatement of the century!) but now we seem to be getting back on track.  The kids are back to school on Thursday. Can’t believe my baby is starting school.  Where do the years go?

Anyway back to Gracie – its now FREE on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

Penny, the next book in the series will hopefully be up on Amazon by the weekend. I will send out an email to let you know for definite.  In the meantime, if you havent grabbed Gracie yet, now is your chance.  And if you want the best price on the second book (94k words of it 🙂 ) sign up to my newsletter.  I have also started writing the third and fourth books in the series.  Watch out for a land girl and a female pilot both requests from my awesome readers.  Speaking of which if you have ideas that you would like to see explored in the series please feel free to share 🙂

So excited to hear what you all think of Penny (feeling nervous too!)

Take care


Update on Penny – publication delayed on next historical fiction book

Hi everyone,

This is a post I tried my best to avoid making but the truth is that sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans.   I had hoped to release Penny yesterday.  Unfortunately due to illness I haven’t been able to work very much this month and the result is a delay in publication.

Penny will now hopefully be released by June 30th.  Although a historical fiction book, I want to make sure the details are true to that era.

I am very sorry and know from wonderful comments and emails that many of my readers are looking forward to reading the next book in the Women and War series.  I sincerely apologise for the delay but rather than release a half ready book, I want to make sure it is the best I can offer.  I owe everyone that including myself :-).  Thank you very much for all of your reviews, comments and emails. You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me.    I just hope you all love Penny as much as you loved Gracie.


Popular Historical Fiction Books – Gracie on list!

Gracie makes the popular historical fiction books list on Amazon!

I feel like I won the lotto. As many of you know I released Gracie, the first book in my historical fiction series Women and War on April 14th. I love reading popular historical fiction books and sometimes unpopular ones lol. For years I have read everything I could on WW2 to the extent my dad suggested I may be obsessed. Privately I dreamed that one day my books would be on someone else’s list of historical romances that they wanted to read and now it is coming true.

For the first time ever, Gracie broke through the top 1000 titles on Amazon.co.uk. As I write this it is currently ranking at 688 paid and number 13 in historical romance. I would of course love to reach the top 100 or even maybe number one but I am happy with what I have achieved so far. I couldn’t have done it without you, my readers, thank you.

Popular historical fiction books

Product details
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 4999 KB
Print Length: 183 pages
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #688 Paid in Kindle Store
#13 in Kindle Store > Books > Romance > Historical Romance
#25 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Sagas
#27 in Books > Fiction > Family Sagas

Source Amazon.co.uk

Historical fiction can be difficult to write

If you read some of the reviews on popular historical fiction books, you can see that sometimes authors get it wrong. I don’t mean we make mistakes with our grammar or spelling. I mean we get facts wrong. One review I read recently corrected the author on the date a specific event took place. I would be mortified if I made that sort of mistake. (Crosses fingers in the hope I haven’t.)

I worked very hard on writing Gracie making sure I checked specific historical references. I didn’t want it to be a history lesson but at the same time I didn’t want it to be inaccurate. I love the way some readers have messaged me either through my Facebook page or via this site to tell me the book reduced them to tears. Obviously I don’t want to upset anyone permanently but to evoke such emotional responses is every writers dream.

Please write reviews if you have a spare moment.

I love reading the reviews left by readers on Amazon and/or Goodreads. (note to self to get books published on all the other sites :-)). One reviewer compared my book to those written by Annie Groves. That was a huge compliment as I am a big Annie Groves fan- she wrote many wonderful books before she died. I know it takes time to write a review but they are so powerful. Reading them helps other people make a decision on whether the book is for them or not but they also help me to get moving with writing. It can be lonely sometimes sitting here at the desk powering out thoughts and words onto the screen. Some days I find it hard to sit down and write. Those are the days I read the good reviews on my books 🙂

What’s coming next?

Well I am still writing Penny the next book in the Women and War series. It is also a historical fiction book but less focused on the romance and more on the impact of war. Penny gets up close and personal. She is actively involved in the fighting whereas Gracie was working on the sidelines. Two important but very different roles. It would be wonderful if this book is as well received as Gracie. To have two books hit the popular historical fiction books list would just be icing on the cake at this stage.

I am hoping to finish Penny up this week and get it over to my fantastic editor. She always turns things around really quickly so there should be no big delay on her side. The cover image is complete so I am really the only one holding things back. Well actually it’s Penny’s fault. She is a fiery character – should have made her have red hair not black – I keep having to rein her in as she tries to change the direction of the story, again!!

So what else do I have to say? I am not going to admit to eating two bars of chocolate and half an Easter egg today while I should have been writing.

Ok until next time

Thanks for reading