Gracie (Women and War Book One) Published

Gracie Women & WarGracie is finally up on Amazon and available to buy. The book turned out better than I hoped and the cover is just wonderful. I am so excited about this new book and the series. Some people say I am obsessed with reading WWII fiction – I don’t think I am. After all I read WWII non fiction too lol.

Anyway here is the synopsis for Gracie and the link if you want to check it out. I have published at 99 cents in the hopes of attracting some new readers and reviewers (hint! 🙂 ) – I will increase the price on May 1st.

London 1938 – Gracie Thompson has a job, a loving family, a twin brother who drives her insane and a great friend. A chance meeting introduces her to the love of her life. But the storm clouds are gathering, Europe is teetering on the verge of war and threatening to destroy everything Gracie holds dear. When war arrives her family are split up, her lover is in daily danger and her life is threatened. Her father and boyfriend believe a woman’s place is in the home but she is equally determined to do her duty for King and Country. She succeeds in her ambition to do her bit but at what cost? Will she ever see her twin again? And can she live with the knowledge her actions may have led to the loss of the one man she loves. Not only could he die, but he may do so believing she never loved him. Is she brave enough to pull the life she wants back from the abyss?

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  1. Gwendoline Brammall :

    Enjoyed reading Gracie very much.from beginning to the wonderful
    End where they got married .You mentioned a DR MC.Indie who dealt
    With the Burns of the servicemen during.the war years they still
    Carry out his work today.AS my Husband had bad burns when
    HE was young and they carried out his skin grafts the way in which
    DR MCINDOE WOULD HAVE DONE.HE HAS had a lot but none for a
    While as I said i see my husband as he is. Saying this as GRacie
    Excepted her love the way he is.but I HAve only just read Your book
    And It was really good enjoyed it I’ good as
    Books I Loved reading her. Books too i have got them all ANnie
    Groves.she did write lovely books too.I love the war story
    Books I read a lot of them and if Penny is as good as GRacie

    I shall enjoy reading that too can.t wait for it to come
    Available Thank you for a lovely read didn’t.t want it to end

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments Gwendoline. I hope your husband is now pain free. It sounds like you have a lovely romance story of your own.

      All the best


  2. Ellie, just found Gracie on my I pad and read it all and loved it. Tried to but Penny on Amazon and when I press “buy” nothing happens. But really just wanted to tell you that I’m so happy I’ve found you again and will be buying all your books
    Outside of interest, I notice that in your recommended books you don’t mention Maureen Lee, I think she is second to you in this genre. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you have recovered from your illness
    Moe Spurge xx

    • Thank you so much Moe for stopping by again. I am not sure what happened with Penny. Let me know if you still haven’t resolved it and I will see what I can do 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation for Maureen Lee. I can’t believe I have never read her books. I am going to rectify that now. I bought myself a kindle for Christmas – after months of being unable to write or read I have a huge backlog. Thank you for the get well wishes. I am so glad to see the back of 2014 and hope that 2015 only brings good news for everyone including my fantastic readers. Take care of you too Moe. Ellie x

  3. Picked Gracie as a book to do on my book review for school and I really enjoyed it!

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