Penny, next book in historical romance series is available on Amazon. Grab it at 99 cents now.

Hi everyone 🙂

Penny is finally live on Amazon. It’s the second book in my historical romance series Women & War. I am so excited and more than a little nervous. I hope everyone likes it as much as or more than Gracie. It is a longer book coming in at just under 100k words.

I have put it up at a special price to thank all my readers for their patience and understanding. Grab it now for 99 cents. It will revert to $2.99 on September 4.

Clicking the above image will take you direct to Amazon.

Thank you to all my wonderful readers for your patience. I will try my best never to have a four month gap between published books again :-). I have started writing Molly, the third book in the series. One of my readers asked me to write about a female pilot. These ladies were really ahead of their time and have a fascinating story to tell.

So best get back to writing. I hope you enjoy Penny. If you have time, it would really help me out if you could let me know what you think. Reviews on Amazon help other people buy my books 🙂

Thanks a million

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  1. Elizabeth Mulley :

    Where can I get ” PENNY ” on my Kindle for 99 cent…..I have just finished reading Gracie and thoroughly enjoyed it…..I checked out Amazon and the price is £2.99 which means I will pay double that in Euro….. According to my Bank Statements ? That don’t seem right.

    • Hi Elizabeth

      I hope by now you have picked up my email but the 99p pricing on Penny was an introduction offer. The correct UK price is £2.32 including the VAT – VAt is charged on ebooks but not on paperbacks. I have no idea why. Unfortunately you will pay more in Euros due to the exchange rate but I wasn’t aware it was double. The rate of exchange is brutal at the moment 🙁 Makes life difficult for those of us who love reading but live in Ireland. Amazon really needs to open up a store here 🙂

  2. I have read both. Gracie and Penny so good why do they have to end????

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Pam. I am so flattered -you should see the big smile on my face. I am currently working on a few more stories and hope to publish soon, illness permitting. Are you on my mailing list? I don’t send out regular emails but I do let my list know when a new book is ready and usually it is priced at a discount.

      Thanks again for taking the time to come visit.


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