Penny, next book in historical romance series is available on Amazon. Grab it at 99 cents now.

Hi everyone 🙂

Penny is finally live on Amazon. It’s the second book in my historical romance series Women & War. I am so excited and more than a little nervous. I hope everyone likes it as much as or more than Gracie. It is a longer book coming in at just under 100k words.

I have put it up at a special price to thank all my readers for their patience and understanding. Grab it now for 99 cents. It will revert to $2.99 on September 4.

Clicking the above image will take you direct to Amazon.

Thank you to all my wonderful readers for your patience. I will try my best never to have a four month gap between published books again :-). I have started writing Molly, the third book in the series. One of my readers asked me to write about a female pilot. These ladies were really ahead of their time and have a fascinating story to tell.

So best get back to writing. I hope you enjoy Penny. If you have time, it would really help me out if you could let me know what you think. Reviews on Amazon help other people buy my books 🙂

Thanks a million

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First book in new historical romance fiction series is almost ready to publish

I am so excited, can you tell lol

My first book in the new historical romance fiction series I am writing is winging its way to my editor as I write this post. “Women & War” is the series title with each book being called after the main character. The first book, Gracie, came in at just under 51,000 words and I am really happy with it.

It’s the story of Gracie Thompson, a young servant who comes of age in WW2 London. Her boyfriend is an RAF pilot as is her twin brother Stan. The story starts in 1938 and finishes sometime in 1941. Gracie wants to do more than dress Lady Louise but with her father and her boyfriend against the idea of women in uniform will she get to serve at all?

I loved writing it but am so glad it’s finished as I can’t wait to see what reaction it gets. I am nervous too but I am told that’s a good thing. Also I want to get started on the story of Penny – Gracie’s friend in book one. I have had an awesome cover designed. What do you think?

Gracie Women and War

Awesome, right?